Coming Events

Coming Events

Invitation to Transform Communities Through Partnership

I trust this letter finds you well. Today, I come to you with an opportunity that transcends mere charity—it’s a chance to ignite profound change in our community through partnership and action.


Introduction: Within One Africa Party beats the heart of a community fiercely dedicated to inclusivity and empowerment. Our journey began with a personal tale, a story of triumph over adversity that ignited within us an unyielding commitment to leveling the playing field for all individuals, regardless of ability.


Project Overview: Our upcoming initiative, in collaboration with Motorcycle Brothers Social (Biking Group), is not just an event—it’s a testament to our unwavering belief in the power of education, empathy, and collective action. Through a meticulously crafted program, we aim to not only educate but to inspire and empower both individuals with disabilities and the broader community, while also addressing the scourge of discrimination that plagues our continent.


Project Description: Picture this: a series of dynamic workshops, thought-provoking seminars, and impactful awareness campaigns, all meticulously designed to shed light on the diverse challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and combat discrimination. These events won’t just inform; they’ll evoke empathy, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the journeys of those with different abilities and backgrounds.


But that’s just the beginning. Our motorcycle run will transform roads into avenues of change, as riders traverse various routes, rallying support and raising funds for organizations dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities and promoting unity. Imagine the roar of engines carrying messages of hope and solidarity, echoing through streets and hearts alike.

Moreover, we’re rolling up our sleeves and undertaking accessibility projects that will tangibly improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and contribute to a more inclusive society. From installing ramps to enhancing parking spaces, we’re building a more accessible and welcoming environment, brick by brick.


Project Date: 1st October, 2024

Project Venue: Abuja, Nigeria


Partner Spotlight: Motorcycle Brothers Social (Biking Group). We’re proud to have Motorcycle Brothers Social as a partner in this endeavor. Motorcycle Brothers Social is committed to building a healthier Nigeria and fostering unity across the continent. Their dedication to empowering the next generation of leaders and combatting discrimination aligns perfectly with our mission.


Past Campaigns: We’ve successfully executed campaigns like this in the past, leaving a trail of impact and inspiration. If you’d like to see the tangible results of our efforts, please feel free to visit blog for a detailed account of our past initiatives.


Budget Breakdown:

Event Budget (₦)
Disability Awareness Campaign 6,000,000
Motorcycle Run 5,000,000
Accessibility Projects 7,000,000
Inclusive Community Event 7,000,000
Total Project Cost 25,000,000


Benefits for Sponsors: By supporting our campaign, sponsors stand to gain not only visibility and positive brand association but also the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, inclusivity, and combatting discrimination. Sponsorship offers exposure to a diverse audience through various channels, including media coverage, social media promotion, and event signage. Additionally, sponsors will have the satisfaction of knowing they are making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and contributing to a more inclusive and united Africa.


Conclusion: In closing, I extend to you an invitation—an invitation to be part of something bigger than ourselves, to stand on the right side of history, and to champion inclusivity, empowerment, and unity in our community. Your support—whether through funding, sponsorship, or advocacy—will not only make a difference; it will be the spark that ignites a brighter, more inclusive future for us all.


Thank you for considering our proposal. Together, let’s turn possibility into reality and dreams into achievements.


With warm regards,

Damilola Akinteye (MBS 077 )

One Africa Party &

Motorcycle Brothers Social