One Africa Party 2022

One Africa Party 2022



Tagline: A Celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day Where Music Meets Fitness

Motto: One For All And All For One! It’s me! It’s you! It’s us! Be a HERO and have a blast doing it!

Theme: Color combinations from our national flag

Opening Time: 2pm on a Saturday

Date: 1st October 2022

Place: Lagos




  1. Chose a venue fit for the theme
  2. Number of audience and our budget.
  3. Determine and arrange all details A/V equipment, stage set-up, parking, signage and review security needs
  4. Assess accessibility requirements (e.g. all-gender restrooms, wheelchair accessibility, etc.)
  5. Determine event signage and attendee communication plan
  6. Staff and volunteers coordination: Manage communications with volunteers including marketing/sales/customer services staff/camera crew/ speakers
  7. Put together marketing campaign videos to build awareness and excitement
  8. Write blog posts about the event
  9. Identify, confirm sponsors and donations at various levels. Communicate with sponsors for their requirements, deadlines, and deliverables.
  10. Get event giveaways (swag)
  11. Rent/construction of display stands for prizes
  12. Design and print eye-catching covers, flyers, banners, backdrop, and raffle tickets
  13. Finalize and proofread printed materials
  14. Create some buzz
  15. Share on phone, via text, physical conversations – everywhere! Get everyone to be a part
  16. Team members will coordinate e-mail and other marketing to promote the event to partners and audience
  17. Book entertainment: DJs, hype man/gal, artists and dancers
  18. Determine VIPs and create invitation & tracking document
  19. Create Facebook Event, upgrade social profiles, interlink all social media pages
  20. Launch paid social media ads
  21. Make adequate travel arrangements for staff and stay of volunteers
  22. Hospitality and welfare
  23. Make sure fans are treated well
  24. Welcome packages
  25. Post-event marketing campaign videos and photos
  26. Post-event social media ads
  27. Ensure that everything will fit in our budget at the end of the party
  28. Send a “thank you” to all participants and supporters
  29. Compile and review survey results
  30. Reconcile budget
  31. Follow up with sponsors to see if the party met their KPIs


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