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Support OAP


Haven’t you ever wanted to do something just because it was a good thing?

Nigerians give us a lot. We should give something back. What are Nigerians giving to you? Healthier communities. You want a safe country to do your business right? The health of a community promotes economic opportunity, and economic opportunity advances better youths. Just think you’d be known as one of the volunteers/sponsors who made a big difference at our community.


We have a goal and a plan.

This is the plan; we’re going to have the coolest platform ever in the whole of Nigeria for youth and community development.

One Africa Party (OAP) it’s an opening for individuals, businesses and organizations to gift and give back to the society. Generosity has been around since the dawn of humanity and has become a part of our everyday life and society. People, including businesses, have the responsibility to make the world a better place. Together our voices are stronger. Together we can build a better world.


No Greatness Without Goodness.

How would you like to see your name, logo or business name on our banners, website, social media, Farmlifter volunteer t-shirts or on a plaque near a beautiful maple? Nigerians would see it all the time. Nigerians are your customers.


Where do you come in? We need your support.

You could sponsor or donate your products, say, a laptop, phone, gas cooker, toiletries, a bag of rice or a pair of shoes. At the end of any event, we’ll have a Chinese auction to raise money for the One Africa Party (OAP) Hub to empower the next generation of leaders.


Let’s all work together for a better tomorrow for our youths! Support OAP and be the kind of leader people would remember because you made life a little better.


One Africa Party (OAP) Needs You. You Need Advertising.

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