Support One Africa Party

Support One Africa Party

Haven’t you ever wanted to do something just because it was a good thing?


As a community center, One Africa Party functions to attain sustainable peace, increase the importance of capacity building, host successful events and make guest leave feeling even better about your brand than they did before.

We realize how important you are to our success. That’s why our team will work with you to ensure that your experience as a volunteer/partner of One Africa Party exceeds your expectations.


Together we can build a better world. 

Support One Africa Party and be the kind of leader people would remember because you made life a little better.

You could support or donate your products, say a laptop, phone, gas cooker, a bag of rice or a pair of shoe. At the end of our events, we’ll have a Chinese auction to raise funds for the skill acquisition programmes and youth empowerment



One Africa Party Needs Your Support

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